Our Credit Only Approval Turns Your Offer Into CA$H…

well almost!

What’s the difference between Pre-Qualification, Pre-Approval & Credit Only Approval?

Pre-Qualification is the starting point in your search for mortgage financing. A quick snapshot is taken by your Loan Officer to determine your loan eligibility. However, Sellers and Listing Agents realize this is a weak offer.

Pre-Approval (DU/LP Approval) is better than a pre-qualification in that your loan officer has reviewed your documentation; entered the information into Fannie Mae’s or Freddie Mac’s automated system and obtained Approve/Eligible findings.  However, Sellers and Listing Agents realize that an actual Underwriter has not reviewed your qualifications yet.

Credit Only Approval is a written conditional loan commitment that shows you have the support of a lender who is willing to finance you.  It means an actual underwriter has reviewed and conditionally approved your loan application.  Based on your income, debt ratio and savings, the underwriter has approved the dollar amount you are eligible to borrow. Now you can shop around for houses that fit into that loan amount category with confidence.   

Here is the nice thing about our exclusive Credit Only Approval: It gives you the leverage to shop as a CA$H buyer! With a Credit Only Approval in hand, you now have the power to negotiate. The seller will take your offer much more seriously knowing you are already approved by a lender. Credit Only Approval can also shorten the time it takes to close (two weeks in most cases), making even a lower bid attractive to sellers who are seeking to move quickly.

What does it cost to get Credit Only Approval?

Credit Only Approval is FREE!  You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Give us a call to begin your Credit Only Approval process. If you’re not already working with a Real Estate Agent, we have a network of Real Estate professionals ready to provide you with excellent service!

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